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Boutique Wineries

What is a Boutique Winery?

We describe ourselves as Boutique Wine Merchants. There is no legislation or official governing body that provide guidelines to permit a winery to label themselves as being boutique. We believe the descriptor ’boutique winery’ encapsulates the values and ethos we hope to demonstrate in our own business by:

  • Tasting all our wines in the presence of the winemaker.
  • Carefully analysing and evaluating what we taste.
  • Only ever partnering those wineries that chose to remain quality focused.
  • Aiming to develop close personal relationships with winemakers and with winery management teams.
  • By only importing those wines which best reflect the skills and individuality of the winery and winemaker.

What do we look for in boutique wine?

Richdells Boutique Wine Merchants will always strive to seek outstanding wineries and wines. We recognise the individuality of our partners, their premises and the uniqueness of each product that we source.

In our opinion a boutique winery has the following characteristics:

  • is independently or family owned.
  • typically grows and crushes up to 350 tons or less of its own fruit.
  • bottles their wines annually under their own label.
  • produces a specific wine in a relatively small quantity at a high quality and with a personal touch that is independent of their overall production size.
  • hosts handcrafted, artisan winemakers who strive for the highest quality. These winemakers will not employ a “premeditated formula” but rather an existential (moment by moment) development of what is presented to them by the harvest that day from the terrain.
  • typically does everything themselves (or has the ability to do it all) from the vineyard to blending to bottling.
  • is extremely selective in vineyard management – they will prune excessively, often without the use of machinery, and select fruit block by block or row by row to be harvested. They are themselves self-proclaimed micro-managers, but their decisions will always be to the benefit of the consumer.
  • can use organic farming processes and can produce wines with Organic and Vegan accreditation.
  • will fully extract the grape varietal in which their vineyard/soil is best suited. They will not produce a varietal for experimentation, club consumption or to push a sub-standard grape/harvest to turn a profit.
  • will demonstrate a way of life, not a tonnage by acre or ROI, simply a lifestyle that is more in keeping with their vision of winemaking. That is their motivation and desire at the core.
  • will learn from their surrounding community and impart wine-making skills throughout their geographic region.
  • will never expand their resources to overproduce at the expense of the quality of their product.
  • has quality as the core mantra at any expense from root stock to fruit to harvest to ageing.

We offer sommeliers small exclusive consignments of unique wine produced by experienced and new winemakers providing new wine experiences for diners and oenophiles.

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